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“Russian Pianist Acts for the World Music”, “The Masterly Perfection”,
“The Audience were Delighted by the Russian Virtuoso”

These are the titles of the articles and reviews on Vasiliy Kulikov’s concerts in Germany

The pianist, conductor, first professional composer of Komi-Perm people (one of Finno-Ugric nationalities of Russia), Orthodox priest was born on June 27, 1963 in the city of Perm. In 1988 Vasiliy Kulikov graduated from Moscow State Conservatoire named after P.I. Tchaikovsky, the class of famous composer, Professor Roman Semionovich Ledenev. Simultaneously he studied two instruments – piano and organ. His teachers were the prize winner of F.Chopin’s competition, Honoured artist of Russia Yu.A. Muravlev (piano), and professor L.I.Royzman (organ).

Since 1992 Vasiliy Kulikov is a member of the Russia Composers Union. His play “Fantasy” for piano on a komi-perm folk song “Pass By, My Sorrowful Time…” op.4, in 1988 was taken into “The Golden Fund” of Moscow radio. In 1996 V. Kulikov received the Grant of the Russian President. As a composer, Vasiliy Kulikov works in the best traditions of classical music, paying special attention to the Bible and religious motives. The combination of religious-philosophical trends and elements of Komi-Perm music culture, performed in the modern composer technologies, is a unique feature of his creative work.

In February 2001 the first CD was issued with Vasiliy Kulikov’s compositions for piano, choir, vocal and orchestra.

More than 250 concerts were performed by Vasiliy Kulikov in Russia, Germany, Belgium and the “near abroad” (the former Soviet republics), including many performances in the concert halls of Perm; and also in the Small, Rachmaninov’s and the White Halls of Moscow State Conservatoire. V. Kulikov also participated in International and World Festivals and Congresses of Finno-Ugric folks, gave concerts in the halls, churches and ancient castles of many German towns: Munich, Augsburg, Kempten, Ottoboiren, Altshausen, Mainingen, Bad Saltzungen, Leipzig, Berlin, Rostock, Bad Doberan, Bonn, Munster, Bamberg, Schvarzenberg, Bremen, Schwerin, Güstrow and many others
In March 2006, taking part in the International Festival of modern classical music, Vasiliy Kulikov gave the concert in the Belgium city of Gent.

More than 80 reviews were issued in the press of Russia, Germany and Belgium about musical and predicant activity of Vasiliy Kulikov. There are also some publications in the Russian Publishing House “Muzyka” (“Music”). From 2001 to 2007 in the air of “The Radio Rossiya” (“Radio Russia”) famous political observer Natalia Bechtina devoted 10 broadcasts of her programme “From the First Person” to Vasiliy Kulikov, where different aspects of culture, music and spirituality were discussed. The broadcast caused wide response among the many million audience of “The Radio Rossiya”.
In March 2004 the international studio RTVI of Berlin Television made two programmes “Important People of Europe” with the participation of Vasiliy Kulikov, which were transmitted to 24 countries worldwide including those of Europe, the Middle East, America and Canada.

At present Vasiliy Kulikov lives and works in Germany, devoting his life to spiritual, missionary, concert and teaching activities. In his concerts he performs pieces of I.S. Bach, G.F. Handel, D. Scarlatti, I. Haydn, W.A. Mozart, L.van Beethoven, F. Shubert, F. Chopin, F. List, K. Debussy, P.I. Tchaikovsky, S.V. Rachmaninov, A.N. Skryabin, S.S. Prokofyev, D. Shostakovich, and his own.

The concert programmes of Vasiliy Kulikov with such names as “The Tender Music for the Soul in the Sounds of Piano”, “Wonderful Sounds of Waltz”, “The Piano Music of the Romanticism”, “Russian Piano Music of the Romanticism and the Present”, “The Music of Baroque and Russian Romanticism”, “The Music of the Three Centuries”, “Music and Spirituality”, “The Pearls of Classical Music”, “Music of the Earth and Heaven” give the delighted public the feelings of joy and happiness.